A visceral journey into the heart of the U.S. Anti-War Movement.

Witness a Peace Movement is Roger Hill’s first documentary which after 10 years has finally been completed to the satisfaction of the director. Trailer

This film is my contribution to the Anti-War effort.  In the years I’ve spent on the project I have never taken a salary and have self financed the bulk of this film.  I hope that you watch and share with others this emotionally gripping film on the passions of those who took to the streets in opposition to, or in support of, the War on Iraq. – Roger Hill, Director, Witness a Peace Movement.


In Addition to Struggle and our upcoming re-release of Roger Hill’s documentary Witness a Peace Movement, MentalRev also produces short films on a range of social justice and artistic themed topics.  Periodically we will publish these short films on our website in preparation for a release of an anthology collection of MentalRev Short Films.

The first short films we are releasing is titled: Think of Them and be Scared, it runs just over 4 minutes long, check it out.

Think of them and be scared from MentalRev Productions on Vimeo.

Not far from the Dead Sea in the foothills of the South Hebron Hills is a school attended by rural Palestinian children from across the region.

Many of the children from neighboring villages walk a few miles each day to get their education, the walk itself is not so daunting for these rugged children, rather the challenge comes from violent, religious fanatics who live in settlements around the village and frequently attack children on their way to and from school. This film is a telling of these harrowing experiences these Palestinian children face walking to primary school.