MentalRev Productions is dedicated to the production of visceral yet engaging documentary, narrative and artistic features and short films; we are not enamored with the myth of objectivity, rather we witness and interpret and strive to be honest in our analysis and creative in our delivery.

MentalRev Productions was born in 2003 with a spirit of resistance during mass protests against the impending war on Iraq. Since then MentalRev Productions founder Roger Hill, together with a host of contributors, have completed 10 short films and 2 feature length documentaries: Struggle (2012) and our newest film Witness a Peace Movement (2013).

Director and Founder Roger Hill has presented the work of MentalRev Productions across the country from small screenings in coffee shops and living rooms to some of the more prominent international film festivals. MentalRev Productions offers Documentary consulting, video production and class presentations of our feature and short films.  For more information contact rogerhill4 AT gmail.com