Election Day Voter Suppression and Hints of Election Rigging in 2012 Presidential Election

Reports on Voter Suppression, Election Day 2012 from Struggle

  • Suspicious behavior in Cincinnati as poll workers not advising voters as to their correct precincts and pushing provisional votes on voters.  Provisional votes are easily dismissed because of harsh restrictions handed down from Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, which shifts the onus of proof onto the voter, otherwise the vote is not counted.  Illegitimately purged voters who vote provisional won’t be counted.  Provisional ballots wrongly given to voters by poll workers either by mistake or design are also not counted.  Husted’s office has lost thousands of voter registrations.  Additional “human error” in Cincinnati has majority African-American district voting provisional.
  • In Ohio, African-American Turnout Threatened by Reduced Early Voting and Faulty Ballots: Greg Palast in Ohio reporting for Democracy Now.


From Struggle’s Facebook Friends Network

  • Piper Avalokita in Athens Ohio: “I showed up to vote this morning only to find that my name had been deleted from the list even though I voted in the primary election. They made me vote provisionally even though my name and address were still on the little voting confirmation sticker.”
  • Laura B. in Hudson Ohio:  “They changed where I normally vote, but additionally the number on my voting card was not the same number I was listed as when I went today…and the there were NO clear markers for the precinct lines, and the volunteers weren’t officiant either…It seemed like it could put a lot of voters off, especially the seniors…”

  • From my Mother-in-Law voting in Hamilton County, home of Cincinnati:  “Poll workers were checking IDs for every person casting their vote.”  – There is no ID requirement to vote in Ohio, and this is a common tactic of intimidation and confusion creation.

Potential Vote Rigging

  • Many of us now know what it looks like when a vote for President hops from Democrat to Republican thanks to this video posted on Reddit.  In 2004 over 100 cases of votes hopping from Democrat John Kerry to Republican George W. Bush in Youngstown Ohio and no reports that votes jumped from Republican to Democrat.

  • Suspicious experimental software patch issued by the Secretary of State of Ohio’s office has alerted the attention of the ACLU .  On Election Day an Ohio judge overruled the challenge issued by the Free Press.  Free Press staff BREAKING NEWS: Judge Frost denied the Temporary Restraining Order brought forth in Ohio’s federal court to stop the software patches from being used on voting machines in Ohio. Plaintiff Bob Fitrakis and attorneys are now in state Common Pleas Court for 2:00pm hearing on same issue — the untested, uncertified “experimental” software placed as a pilot program on voting machines.” The Free Press is fighting to have 5% of these counties votes counted by hand to verify results.

We are still waiting to see if unbelievable numbers start coming in for Romney from the suspect Republican counties in Ohio, that contrast sharply with predicted exit polls as happened late in 2004.