5 Ominous Signs of Election Rigging in the 2012 Presidential Election in Ohio

5 Ways the 2012 Presidential Election is being suppressed and potentially rigged.

  • Experimental, suspect Software Patches secretly installed by the Republican Ohio Secretary of State on the vote tabulators (the machines that count the votes) at the last minute. Salon.  *Update Bob Fitrakis and The Free Press are challenging the legality of this software in court hoping to have it removed or mandate a hand-count of the results in the affected counties. Free Press.
  • Provisional ballot requirements altered at the last minute by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted to shift the onus of filling out the form perfectly from the poll worker to the voter.  This could needlessly invalidate thousands of votes.  Provisional ballots are far more often used in low income and minority districts that have a more transient population, not in stable affluent neighborhoods.  Think Progress
  • Voter Suppression Software.  Software at the BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) fails at the basic function  of updating Voter Registration information.  This was discovered when inner-city people turned up to vote and were told they weren’t registered, even though they went through the process of changing their records, but the faulty software could not perform its basic function and potentially thousands have been purged from the voter rolls as a result.  The Free Press
  • Suspect Voting Machines in Cincinnati, which reportedly routinely fail and are “easily susceptible to chicanery that could alter the results of an election,” produced by company with strong ties to Mitt Romney.  Forbes
  • Early Voting Suppression in Ohio and Florida.  In Florida up to 9 hour lines to vote early are being described as a scene from the Third World, Ohio also has long lines and Early Voting has continuously been under attack by the Office of Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.  The Nation.

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