Struggle - A Documentary on the US Presidential Election Process in the State of Ohio in 2004

MentalRev Productions' first complete feature length film Struggle is a foreboding documentary on U.S. Presidential Elections.

Struggle, is a film about what happens in U.S. elections when the forces of racism, corruption, technological manipulation and old fashioned ballot-box stuffing coalesce to deny Americans their right to vote and steal elections.  Trailer

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MentalRev Productions produces documentary films from a "street-level" perspective without the interfering lens of mainstream media. We document history where it is taking place, not in a studio.


A visceral journey into the heart of the U.S. Anti-War Movement.

Witness a Peace Movement is Roger Hill's first documentary which after 10 years has finally been completed to the satisfaction of the director. Trailer

In the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq, America saw the mobilization of one of the largest Anti-War Movements in its nations history. Around the world millions of people poured into the streets demanding the U.S. not attack Iraq. This public outcry against the war coalesced where this film begins, during the largest day of international protest in world history, February 15, 2003. The message was clear "Do not attack Iraq."

President George W. Bush dismissed these massive protests as being a mere "focus group." Witness a Peace Movement goes deep inside the activities of the protest movement at cities across the country, from heated demonstrations in major cities like New York to the rooftops of small town Athens Ohio, to bring a story that has been largely ignored by the mainstream media yet has, in effect, changed Americans prevailing perception of the Iraq War.

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